A mouse farm? This is just one of the many unique and unknown quirks of the men’s tennis team.

After living in his apartment for three months, sophomore David Anving discovered that his roommate was harboring a mouse farm. The farm began with just two mice and rapidly grew to 12. Sometimes escaping into the bathroom, they startle Anving in the morning when he goes for his daily shower.

“I woke up on Monday morning, walked into the bathroom, and saw one of the little guys running around,” Anving said. ” But they don’t have any tails, I love that.”

In a strange turn of events, the mouse farm may serve as the team’s lucky charm. The past two times the mice have procreated, the team won the corresponding matches.

Sophomore Vinny Gossain has his own source of luck, though. When Gossain is busy “dancing” on the tennis court, one can’t help to notice his eccentric socks. Last year he asked a member of the women’s soccer team for a pair of blue soccer socks. He didn’t get a chance to wear the pair last year, but amazingly, in his most recent two matches, Gossain has worn the blue socks and won.

“I wore the socks the other day but I didn’t want coach to know I was wearing them, so I wore my pants for the warmup,” Gossain said. “I was dying.”

Aside from the superstition, seniors Chris Rolf and Chris Shaya are avid watchers of the television show “Seinfeld.”

“If there was an all-Seinfeld channel, I’d never leave the house,” Shaya said.

These roommates revolve their schedule around the three reruns of “Seinfeld” shown daily. Their regiment consists of preparing and eating dinner during the evening showings, leaving for the library and then returning promptly to catch a little late-night George Costanza.

A loyal fan of “The New Adventures of Superman” and the occasional movie on Lifetime, Michael Rubin has something even more interesting under his belt. This sophomore used to live with tennis star and current boyfriend of Mandy Moore – Andy Roddick.

“When we were younger, around 15 or 16, we used to be best friends,” Rubin said.

Rubin is undefeated against the tennis star, who has only suffered 37 career defeats.

“If we played today, though, I’d probably have to play my best and he’d have to drop down,” Rubin said.

Michigan’s distinctive men’s tennis team will play on tomorrow at noon against Butler University.

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