Many upper classmen on campus might shy away from residence hall life after their first years of sharing rooms and halls mostly filled with freshmen. But University Housing is trying to change that.

Stockwell Residence Hall, a former all-female dorm currently undergoing renovations, will reopen in Fall 2009 as a coeducational residence hall geared toward sophomores and upper classmen.

University Housing spokesman Peter Logan said the residence hall will not house any freshmen and will feature programming to enhance the second-year experience.

“It will be unique among any of the residence halls,” he said.

Logan said the prevalence of single rooms in Stockwell was one of the main reasons Housing officials chose to gear the residence hall toward sophomores.

“Since returning students tend to prefer single rooms, we made a decision to create more of a second-year and older community for Stockwell,” Logan said.

Ashley Londy, president of the Residence Halls Association, said Stockwell has a majority of single rooms available in a relatively central location, making it a desirable option for returning students.

“Stockwell has a lot of single rooms, and it’s interesting to see more single rooms available to both men and women,” Londy said. “That way they are both able to enjoy having that option that’s a limited commodity.”

Londy said she hopes the uniquely sophomore experience offered in Stockwell will at least draw more students into considering continued living in the residence halls after their freshman year.

“I hope it attracts more people to stay in the residence halls,” she said. “I really hope people recognize that the University is responding to the needs of the students to make sure the students have what they want, which is amazing.”

Logan said while Housing officials are certain that the renovated residence hall will be geared toward sophomores, the students who will live there will define the exact nature of the experience.

“We’re looking for a theme to define and drive the new (Stockwell) community,” he said. “It will be very much the students work to decide what works for the community and give it personality.”

Renovations on the residence hall began last summer. In November, Housing officials announced that the formerly all-female residence hall would become co-ed, a change that members of RHA had been requesting for a while.

“We had over twice as many rooms in all female houses as opposed to the requests,” Logan said. “A number of women were assigned to an all-female housing even though they hadn’t requested it.”

In addition to providing sophomores with a new type of living experience, the residence hall will also feature upgraded amenities like new community spaces, central air conditioning and wireless Internet, Logan said.

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