The University Board of Regents approved the details for renovations to Stockwell Residence Hall and an addition to the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning yesterday.

Kelly Fraser

According to the schematic designs approved by the regents, Stockwell will undergo a $39.6 million renovation that will add wireless Internet access, new bathroom facilities and air-conditioning. There will be new lounges and a kitchenette on each floor.

Stockwell was built in 1940 and named for the first woman admitted to the University, Madelon Louisa Stockwell, who was accepted in 1870. It has historically been an all-female dorm, but, after the renovation, that could change.

In response to a question from University Regent Olivia Maynard (D-Goodrich) at yesterday’s regents meeting, University President Mary Sue Coleman said the dorm might not keep its women-only status. That’s because the dorm is made up of mostly single rooms, making it potentially attractive to upperclassmen after the renovation, said an architect from Goody Clancy and Associates, the firm that designed the plans.

The infrastructure will be updated on the outside as well as the inside. The outward appearance of the building will not change.

Two thousand square feet will be dedicated to an enclosed courtyard space, where students can meet to study or socialize. The courtyard will be two stories overlooking the tennis courts and Palmer Field. It will be open to all students in the Hill living area.

The dining hall will be replaced with a lounge, a laundry room, music practice rooms and study rooms. Stockwell residents will eat at the Hill Dining Center in Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall, which is slated for completion next fall.

“It’s a very elegant solution,” Coleman said.

Regents still need to approve a contractor for the project, but the University plans to start construction in May 2008 and complete it during the summer of 2009.

During a presentation to the regents about the planned addition to the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, an architect from Miller/Hull Partnership – the company designing the addition – said the 16,300-square-foot addition will allow for more outdoor working space as well as studio and classroom space. He said the addition will be to the south side of the building, which was used as the back door, but will provide more access from that direction. He said the addition will include classrooms, studio space, a library and offices. There will also be new stairways and bathrooms.

The addition was first approved in July and is expected to cost about $13 million. The regents must still approve construction contracts before construction can begin. If all goes according to plan, the renovation will be completed by spring 2010.

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