Though furry rodents, deadbeat dads and hermaphrodites dominate
his musical stylings, comedian Stephen Lynch says he’s really a
shy, sensitive guy at heart. Whether he’s discussing his recent
wedding details or modestly shrugging off talk of his own success,
Lynch is, in every way, almost the exact opposite of his many
musical personalities.

John Becic
(Courtesy of stephenlynch.com) Where the fuck are my car keys?

Lynch, a Michigan native and practically a music veteran, has
been strumming his guitar since his college days. His sweet,
lulling voice and melodies could easily double as beautiful love
ballads with a few lyrical tweaks. However, this fa?ade only adds
to the song’s hilarity as it delves into the darker, creepier
aspects of life. For example, “Lullaby” begins as a gentle,
soothing good night treat to an anonymous little one and progresses
into a full-blown explanation of the many raunchy reasons why Mommy
doesn’t live with Daddy anymore.

While Lynch wouldn’t mind exploring his musical capabilities
even more, he understands his fans crave the comedic portion of his
shows. With a combination of clever word play and physical
playacting, he appears to have hit upon a fairly unusual gig. “I
wouldn’t do it unless there were both elements. I would never get
up on stage and just tell jokes,” says Lynch, “and I seem to have
locked on to something fun here.”

Lynch isn’t all laughs and games, though. Some of his songs,
including the infamous “Kill a Kitten” have brought him an unwanted
notoriety. Although some people may find his subject matter
offensive and controversial, he asserts his lyrics are always
portrayed in jest and sarcasm and are merely meant to be funny.
“The only feedback I really care about is when I’m on stage, you
know, whether people are laughing,” Lynch notes.

Even though he’s made several guest appearances on Comedy
Central, the humble Lynch says he still can’t watch his own work.
“I’m far too critical of my performance. I don’t like watching
myself on TV or hearing myself on a CD. I’ll leave that for other
people to enjoy.”

In his current tour, Lynch is introducing a slew of new songs to
test out on the road. He hopes his upcoming show at Pontiac’s
Clutch Cargos will continuously surprise and entertain the

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