WASHINGTON (AP) Nearly everyone who lives in Las Vegas used to call someplace else home. Northeasterners are more settled, although more suburbanites live in bigger houses farther from the job.

The Census Bureau”s latest statistical snapshot looks at American standards of living at the turn of the century. Still, the information is a year old, and a lot has changed with the economic downturn and the Sept. 11 attacks.

For instance, people in the technology-rich Silicon Valley in California were among the best-educated and well-paid in 2000 the area”s economy has taken a hit this past year.

Three of New York City”s five boroughs had some of the highest poverty rates in the country last year it is uncertain how the economic fallout from the terrorist attacks will affect families there over the long term.

“We”ve seen the best of times and we”ve also seen the worse,” said University of Michigan demographer William Frey. “But we will come back, and when we come back it will be in these same places.”

The bureau says the estimates from the wide-ranging Census 2000 Supplementary Survey are a preview of data still to come from the official head count.

Among the highlights:

n San Jose, Calif., topped the nation with a median household income of $72,268, with San Francisco second at $57,259. Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California were among the top 10 counties.

Longtime San Jose resident Pat Capper was not surprised that her city”s median home values were also the nation”s highest, at $430,612. The costs have made the recent economic slide especially painful to many families, Capper said.

n Residents of New York City”s suburbs are among the best paid but endure the longest commutes. For instance, residents of Nassau County on Long Island have a median household income of $70,806 and typically travel 35 minutes one way to get back and forth from work. The national average is 24 minutes.

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