More than 40,000 students attend the University and they all stake claim to the epithet “the leaders and the best.” How could you whittle the “champions of the west” down to just 11 Students of the Year featured in 10 articles? With plenty of viable choices, it wasn’t easy.

Nominees were gathered via e-mail submissions and suggestions from Michigan Daily staff members. The resulting pool of nominees was difficult to cut down to just a handful of finalists. That said, we’re confident our selection is a representative sample of the best the University has to offer.

The students profiled include star athletes, an actress starring on Broadway and an engineer building equipment to shoot into the stars. Their achievements are made more impressive when you consider that they take classes, deal with relationship drama and juggle social lives.

For those profiled who are not seniors, we can expect more great things in years to come. For those leaving the University this year, we get to throw in our lot with the legacy they leave behind. And for those not tossing their graduation caps in the air this spring, you could land on these pages next year.

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