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Of the 43,710 students on this campus, we’re featuring 12 in our issue as The Statement’s 2014 Students of the Year. Deciding our Students of the Year was a tough call. After all, the University of Michigan is a huge institution that houses remarkable talent, empathy, and above all, rich and powerful stories from each of the students enrolled. Our Wolverines don’t play small games. We’re big-hearted, big-voiced. We use our vocal cords. We stomp our feet. We dream. We spark change.

The Statement staff is tremendously proud to feature our Students of the Year in this semester’s final issue. From filmmakers to social movement leaders to entrepreneurs to arts visionaries, these students cannot be reduced to a bullet pointed list of simple accomplishments. Rather, they’re multi-dimensional, passionate and inspire us to be better listeners, informers and students of the world — not simply of the classroom. Congratulations to our 2014 Students of the Year. We hope their stories motivate you to ignite even greater change and awe across this campus. Enjoy the issue.


Carlina Duan

Magazine Editor

Tyler Mesman

The transfer process is not only stressful academically, but can leave students feeling socially isolated in a new environment after having missed the formative early years of college. That’s where LSA senior Tyler Mesman made a change on campus.

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