What’s next for space research?

Forty-five years after Armstrong’s fateful steps, the face of American space research is changing. As the generation inspired by man’s capacity to explore the universe approaches retirement, questions linger about what the future holds for the nation’s once powerful research enterprise.

How theme semesters are shaping the way you learn

Photo by Ruby wallau

For more than 20 years, theme semesters have played an integral part in forming the LSA curriculum. Through theme semesters, LSA works to provide courses and events related to a specific topic each term.


by Amrutha sivakumar, Deputy Magazine Editor

Reign in your spending

Budgeting isn’t rocket science, but it sure is math. And there’s something about math that seems too time-consuming to have a place in most of our schedules.

Illustration by megan mulholland

The writer’s Notebook:

by Max Radwin, Deputy Magazine Editor

The Writer’s Notebook: Not Literature, not theatre

Slam poetry is a synthesis of those two mediums of art done poorly. It isn’t literature, and it really isn’t theatre.

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