Taking a stand in STEM: How women contribute to the sciences

Photo by Ruby wallau

Science, in the purest sense of the word, is a meritocracy.

Then why is it that in the vast majority of science and technology courses offered at the University, most students are male? And an even larger proportion are white males?

Training the next generation of female robo-builders

Just getting women interested in engineering and robotics is only the first hurdle. Gender biases persist and the team atmosphere of robotics is slightly to blame.


Ann Arbor Affairs: Second time’s the charm

The first time a boy ever seriously told me he loved me, it was January. I was sitting in my dorm room in Alice Lloyd, freshman year. We were not dating at the time, so you can see how this would come as quite a shock.

by Mariam sheikh

Famous by association: The man bun

Unless you’ve been living under an enormous rock or have gotten your TV, internet and magazine subscriptions were taken away simultaneously, then you have undoubtedly noticed the new trend to grace each and every one of the red carpets this past season: the man bun.

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