Defining Student Activism: the Arab-Israeli conflict at the University

The debate surrounding both actions has prompted the question: What is the appropriate way to address these issues of identity and climate on campus?

Photo by Adam Glanzman

Birthright exposes students to national identities through funded trips

Free trips are often advertised as a sweepstakes grand prize or a selling point for a family vacation. For Jewish youth, however, one free trip in particular provides a way to explore and experience an ancient and complicated identity.


Ann Arbor Affairs: Just Words

My fourth grade teacher, Ms. Savur, probably had no idea that her praise of my mystery picture book would lead to arguments with my parents at age 18 and, eventually, culminate in the first English major in my entire family.

Illustration by megan mulholland

The writer’s Notebook:

by Max Radwin, Deputy Magazine Editor

The Writer’s Notebook: Not Literature, not theatre

Slam poetry is a synthesis of those two mediums of art done poorly. It isn’t literature, and it really isn’t theatre.

Campus mechanics:

by Amrutha sivakumar, Deputy Magazine Editor

the donors and the Best

Everything that the University does can be expected to be a carefully calculated endeavor, and the process of convincing donors to invest their resources in the University may just be plain science.

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