A Silent Battle: How students cope with disordered eating

Why are some students brave enough to get up on stage and discuss their struggles on eating with an audience of strangers, but aren’t comfortable enough to tell their friends and seek out treatment?

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Oedipus and Drugs: The History of Psychoanalysis in Ann Arbor

In a society that demands things at ever-greater speed, a theoretical discipline such as psychoanalysis, which asks of its patients to engage with their self histories of trauma and loss for an extended period, may be unsettling when first encountered.

Visual Statement

An english Major’s pilgrimage

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The Writer’s Notebook: Not Literature, not theatre

Slam poetry is a synthesis of those two mediums of art done poorly. It isn’t literature, and it really isn’t theatre.

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The writer’s Notebook:

by Max Radwin, Deputy Magazine Editor

Falling out of love with Harry potter

Is it a fun read? Definitely. But I want something more out of the books I crack open and, more generally, from the art I choose to intake.

I’m a writer, you’re not

That application is the sole defining factor: What is a writer? It’s simple. A writer is someone who writes.

Campus mechanics:

by Amrutha sivakumar, Deputy Magazine Editor

Campus Mechanics: you are the trend

By the transitive property, I can walk into a party or a club and feel an immediate connection to the stranger next to me if we can both recognize the song being played.

the donors and the Best

Everything that the University does can be expected to be a carefully calculated endeavor, and the process of convincing donors to invest their resources in the University may just be plain science.

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