Go blue, go Hollywood: The ‘u’ takes a new approach to Tinsel Town

Photo by Ruby wallau

Here at the University, it’s Screen Arts & Cultures, which isn’t the same as majoring in film. You’d be hard pressed to find a kid reeling film stock or splicing and mending together single frames from a filmstrip. But screen arts? It’s a combination of practice and theory, and it’s a field that is very much alive.

Curtain call: Life after theatre school

illustration by Ruby wallau

The culture of theatre school is a lot like the harsh realities that face actors and actresses after graduation. But does that mean that actors and actresses are ready to face professional challenges by the time graduation rolls around?


by Carlina duan

The writer’s notebook: Writing as a movement

Illustration by megan mulholland

At a very basic level, written language is performative. I read stop signs, and halt my car. I read class e-mails, and turn shit in.

by Mariam Sheikh

Famous By Association: Allow me to introduce myself

This column will be an outlet for those of you who would rather debate the mental state of Amanda Bynes over the case studies of Freud (Team Mandy ‘til the end).


Daily Digest Ep. 1 – Chicken Spinach Sandwich and Garlic Baked Potatoes

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