The next-Gen athlete: students take eSports to a new level

Photo by Ruby wallau

Today, thousands of people watch competitive gaming on a daily basis. Unlike the ridiculous scenes in “The Wizard,” eSports are for real, and eSports culture remains one of the most important rising trends in gaming today.

More than just a soundtrack: the music behind video games

Photo by maggie miller

From three-dimensional gameplay to motion-detection, video games are on the move to enhance your recreational experience. What some people may not realize, however, is that what they’re hearing while they play is evolving all the time too.


by Ruby wallau, photo Editor

My First time: studying abroad

Illustration by megan mulholland

Even from a young age, I have always romanticized a life spent abroad. I spent hours mesmerized by the glossy pages of National Geographic, my walls were adorned with maps of other countries and I have at different times attempted to learn French, Spanish and Japanese (with little success). Finally, my time did come.

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