Marketing Michigan: The evolution of the block ‘M’

Photo by Ruby wallau

While the block ‘M’ now represents the entire University, including its hundreds of units, departments and schools, for most of the past century, this was anything but true. It has been only over the last two years that the block ‘M’ has become the official logo for almost every part of the large and disparate University.

What the 2014 enrollment data tells us about Detroit

The numbers haven’t changed much — yet. But the University’s pledged goal of achieving a more diverse campus shows promise if the school’s efforts in Detroit are any indicator of its national approach.


by Amrutha sivakumar

Pinching pennies: Think before you swipe

Infographic by amrutha sivakumar and amy mackens

It was all a kick in the gut. I finally had access to unlimited money — up to my credit limit allowed, at least — and it was time to figure out how I wanted to manage my money. Instead of letting my card rot in the back-end of my wallet, I started using it for frequent purchases.

by Max Radwin

The Fashion Voyeur: Know your socks!

The sock has to match the occasion. It’s clear and simple. If you’re feeling sporty, keep those socks out of sight. White or black that don’t reach far out of the shoe.

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