A growing network: How social media is changing student activism

The University has always had a reputation for grassroots activism — ever since President John F. Kennedy chose to announce the plans for the Peace Corps on the steps of the Student Union in 1960, Ann Arbor has been an unofficial center for liberalism and social. But, hashtag activism is the new norm at the University, with social media taking the forefront in student social justice movements.


Ann Arbor Affairs: Why I’m smitten with “SNL”

Illustration by megan mulholland

I can’t really recall the specifics of my first time — but I do remember loving it. It happened in the middle of the day, around 1 p.m. I was perched on the edge of my couch, dazed with anticipation because it was finally, after all those years, happening.

by Mariam sheikh

Famous by Association: This isn’t about Beyoncé

Illustration by Kara argue

As you have probably guessed, this column isn’t about Beyoncé. However, it is about her newly married sister, Solange.

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