“Playing with matches, a girl could get burned”: Tinder on a college campus

What shows up in this slideshow is just the username, age and first photo. You have to click on their profile to see the other photos, their description, and because Tinder is linked to Facebook, what mutual friends and interests you have. Two people will match if both swipe right on another’s profiles. If two people match, they can then message each other.


Defining ‘sex’ with numbers

In my rational, engineering-brained way of conceptualizing information, it doesn’t make sense. “Sex” is just a word, after all. I should be able to define it — as should anyone else. When someone asks me what I feel about sex, or whether sex would be appropriate in a particular situation, I should be able to give a clear-cut, no-nonsense “yes” or “no.”

by Mariam sheikh

Famous by Association: Everyone should want a beard

The past week marked two things: the beginning of the Christmas season and the unfortunate end to No Shave November. Now I realize that this sentiment may not resonate with everyone. I have been on Yik Yak enough to know that No Shave November is not everyone’s cup of tea. But can we take a moment to appreciate it?

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