According to goalie Haley Kopmeyer, the Michigan women’s soccer team “never felt (they) really got an amazing rhythm going” in their 1-1 overtime tie against Central Michigan on Sunday night.”

Perhaps it was because the type of soccer the Chippewas played was exactly what the Wolverines didn’t expect.

Offensively, the Chippewas interfered with the way the Wolverines planned to set up the attack.

“Every ball we were starting off of wasn’t a ball on the floor — it was a ball bouncing in the air,” Michigan coach Greg Ryan said. “Central played a hard, direct style. They don’t really try and pass the ball much. They knock it fifty yards and go from there. That was disruptive to our attack style.”

Added McCombs: “Their team was just kick and run. It was continually frustrating.”

The Michigan defense struggled to adapt their play to Central Michigan’s kick and run offense.

“It was difficult,” Kopmeyer said. “When they finally scored it was a free kick from outside the box, played in when one of the girls got behind us. I made a dive and it hit the post and ricocheted off of the back of me.”

Despite her unlucky break, Kopmeyer felt fully equipped to handle the Chippewas.

“Most of their attempts were from twenty-five yards away or more,” Kopmeyer said. “As long as they’re not from within six yards of me, it’s not too bad.”

The opposing styles of the two teams presented a challenge not only for the players, but also for the referees.

“There were a lot of fouls getting called,” sophomore forward Tori McCombs said. “It was a frustrating game.”

Midfielder Meghan Toohey was taken down in the second half.

“It was important to get her back in for overtime. She’s an important part of our offense.” Ryan said.

Still, even with Toohey back on the attack, redshirt junior forward Clare Stachel making runs on the right and freshman midfielder Christina Murillo setting things up from Center midfield, the team was unable to score a second goal in overtime.

“We wanted to win. We knew we were a better team,” McCombs said. “It’s definitely a disappointment.”

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