Students looking for their daily caffeine fix can finally enjoy a cup of coffee at the newly renovated Starbucks on South University Avenue.

After closing on Dec. 19 for renovations, the store finished a majority of its construction during winter break and reopened yesterday at 6 a.m. to serve customers. A Starbucks spokesman wrote in a statement that the store improvements are a routine procedure for all Starbucks locations.

“Remodeling is standard course of business for Starbucks stores and is typically done on a regular basis in order to provide the best experience to customers,” the statement said. “We’re excited to share this store with our customers and look forward to welcoming them in to see it.”

The store received a variety of improvements including new furniture and large chalkboards for community use. The renovation also incorporated a number of environmentally friendly features like tables made from reclaimed urban wood.

LSA senior Sarah Beery and Business senior Kristen Stack said they typically meet for coffee at the South University Starbucks once a week. Both said they like the visual appeal of the updated store.

“It looks more uniform,” Beery said. “Before there was a mismatch of a bunch of different chairs and tables, but now everything looks clean. It’s a lot more modern, which is nice.”

“I love (the renovations). It looks beautiful,” Stack added.

Stack said the updates are practical, particularly in providing additional seating for students to study.

“I think there’s more seating, which is one of the things we were most concerned about, especially around finals time there’s never seating around here,” she said.

University alum Sarah Chang, who graduated in 2007, said she is a regular customer at the Starbucks location on South University, and said she particularly took note of the aesthetic changes to the store and the additional seating.

“I love the colors and the fact that there’s a lot more space,” Chang said. “It seems like they’ve maximized the space very effectively and the ambiance is really comfortable and warm.”

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