This is the biggest upset of the season so far: Scott Bell lost for the first time. Not only did he only pick up just five wins, but this week’s results also mark the first time this year Bell hasn’t posted an above-.500 record. Still, he retained first place in the overall standings because of the big lead he engineered during his ridiculous run. Kevin Wright finally distanced himself from Daniel Bromwich in a race for second place, and he’s even starting to sneak up on Bell. Most important, props to Jack Herman for having a not-unconscionably-awful week. With a stellar (for him) 8-11-1, he’s now back into a tie for last place in the overall standings with the guest pickers.

Brian Merlos

LSA senior Matt Devine and his cowboy hat did just well enough to get his picks in the paper another week. He bested Bell by just two and Bromwich by one, but that’s all he needed to do to stick around. As always, e-mail the football writers at footballbeat07@umich.edu to get in the pool of potential participants if Devine falters.

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