You might not know him by his real name, but if you’ve ever eaten in Bursley’s cafeteria, you’ve probably been served by Ron Barker. He’s been spooning out food on North Campus since 1988, when the Daily football writers were still eating in the elementary school cafeteria, and there is hardly anyone who dishes it out better.

Kate Green

“Any chance you could give me some extra chicken for my fajitas,” you might say.

And without a second thought, Mr. Barker will give you enough chicken to feed you and your friends through the next day. Now, he’s trying to serve up some sizzling picks.

What he’s going up against is red-hot Naweed Sikora, who’d like a plate of chocolate cake with white frosting; upstart Kyle O’Neill, whose favorite Bursley dish was those chicken fajitas; struggling J. Brady McCollough, who could find solace with a tray of chicken nuggets; and also-falling Courtney Lewis, who’d like to drown her recent picks in some mashed potatoes and a turkey sandwich.













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