T-Bo’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ with picks

John Becic

LSA junior Laura Leinweber was selected as this week’s Ann Arbor
celebrity because if there is one thing the employees at Tony
Ba’lony’s have proven, it’s that they’re fighters. T-Bo’s has stood
firm for the last two years since Bella Napoli moved in right next
door with seating and a television that Tony Ba’longy’s didn’t
offer. Meanwhile, T-Bo’s just kept pumping quality pizza and Bon
Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” on its stereo.

How fitting.

After two years of fierce competition, Bella Napoli now has a
sign hanging in the window that says it’s relocating in 2004.

So go ahead and laugh at Laura’s staff picks – it’s still
questionable whether she comprehends the concept of betting against
the spread – people at Tony Ba’lony’s are used to being the
underdog by now.








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