For Kyle O’Neill – the Daily janitor – this was a week needed.
For Juan Mathews, it was actually worse than what he expected to

Janna Hutz

Either way, two people good at cleaning up other’s messes took
care of business on staff picks. With a 13-5 record, O’Neill moved
himself into second place, and going 10-8, Mathews continued to
move the Ann Arbor celebrities back toward respectability.

Naweed Sikora – who takes his time cleaning up his press-box
messes – kept a one-game lead over O’Neill, J. Brady McCollough and
Courtney Lewis with his 10-8 finish. Hell also got a little colder
as Sikora got his best bet, too.

McCollough – self-proclaimed SEC-all-knower – took a hit when
Arkansas and Mississippi State could hardly manage to show up, let
alone try to cover.

Lewis’ 1-3 record in Big 12 knocked her harder than a Nebraska
player would jack a Missouri fan.








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