No lie: Washington can’t produce

Janna Hutz

He commanded the Continental Army? So what? He had no faith in
Michigan. So why should we have faith in him?

Led the revolution against the British? Your point? The guy
couldn’t even manage a .500 record this week. Even Kyle O’Neill
managed to go above that this week at 10-8.

Aside from the perennial losers – Ann Arbor’s best and O’Neill –
it is all left to play for.

Courtney Lewis, J. Brady McCollough and Naweed Sikora are in a
three-way tie for first and neither are looking to give a leg up to
their opponent. In fact, things have gotten tense at work.

McCollough had fallen asleep at his desk three days ago, only to
find the head of a horse next to him when he woke up.

The coffee had been tainted with hallucinogens right before
Lewis’ picks were to be made – O’Neill was the only one to
unsuspectedly drink it, though.

And Sikora has not been able to get a good night’s rest thanks
to the constant blaring of a car alarm from a white pizza van that
has been mysteriously parked across from his house.








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