Staff Picks recap: The Daily staff pickers are starting to come back down to earth. After an opening month in which every picker posted a record well above .500 – including the guest picker – most everyone hovered around or below mediocrity. This week’s guest picker, Business senior Chad Gerencer, will stick around for another week, since only Scott Bell was able to best Gerencer’s 10-10 mark.

Dave Mekelburg

Bell is the lone picker to be above .500 each week of the competition, a pretty impressive feat.

We’d also like to apologize in advance for the new headshots in the paper. It’s not our fault Daniel Bromwich decided to get a mohawk and Kevin Wright tried one-upping him by shaving his head completely. If you think you can pick better than a group of football writers with ridiculous haircuts, apply by e-mailing us at footballbeat07@umich.edu. Once Gerencer is out, we’ll be drawing a new person.

Click here for a PDF version of the picks.

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