Turkey gets eaten as Mattu increases lead

Angela Cesere


Sharad Mattu wanted to eliminate staff picks this week so no one could challenge his lead. It turns out that he has nothing to be worried about, as Mattu tied Gennaro Filice for this week’s top record at 8-7. For this week’s campus celebrity, the Daily’s football writers bought a $6 frozen turkey (which looked a little less than edible) and rolled it toward two pieces of paper marked “Favorite” and “Underdog.” Whichever piece of paper it rolled over was the pick. Wild picks of West Virginia and Arkansas led the turkey on a rough weekend. Among the football writers, Mattu now has a four-game lead over the celebrities and an eight-game lead over Filice. Filice, Chris Burke and Bob Hunt are all struggling with sub-.500 records with just the conference title and bowl weeks to go. But still anything can happen, as in the Northwestern-Hawaii game. Nice best bet, Filice.

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