Everyone struggles in crazy week.

Angela Cesere

Things have gotten bad for the Daily football writers in recent weeks, but it has never been this bad. You just know that things are off when you don’t have to go .500 to win the week. Pretty soon, people will be calling for the return of former celebrity George Washington (a.k.a. the quarter). All five pickers this week selected Northwestern, Michigan State and Washington State. All failed to cover. Popular selections of Auburn, Stanford, BYU and Wake Forest didn’t help the cause either. But the Daily football writers started loving Kirk Ferentz well before this week, as everyone picked Iowa. Who knew Iowa would become the second favorite football team in Ann Arbor! Sharad Mattu took the lead by going 7-8. Chris Burke and Gennaro Filice kept slipping away with 6-9 weeks. Bob Hunt fought hard to get above .500, just to have a horrific 5-10 week to drop four games under. This week’s celebrity, Michigan megafan Crazyhorse, also fell hard at 5-10.

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