Jack Herman’s embarrassing performance was apparently not embarrassing enough – somehow. After a stellar regular season, the celebrities almost lost their overall title when the Daily’s outgoing managing sports editor took the reigns of the celebrities’ overall title hopes.

Sarah Royce

Herman’s 10-21-1 mark was one of the worst weekly records in the history of Staff Picks, but he’d like to let it be noted that he did get his best bet right by riding New Jersey’s own Rutgers. Gee Jack, great job.

It is his 21st birthday once midnight strikes, though, so if anyone sees him out at the bar tonight – or throwing up in an abandoned alley – wish Jack a Happy Birthday.

As he guaranteed he would at the beginning of the season, Scott Bell beat his colleagues at the Daily for the overall writer title. But a 128-129-1 record is far from sterling … or even far from respectable.

But Bell’s mediocrity was better than the other writers’ even weaker performances, and the end of the bowl season completed his wire-to-wire win as Daily winner.

There was a little drama last night: had Matt Singer’s best bet (Ohio State) covered the spread, he would have tied Bell for the overall title.

Kevin Wright won the week with the only above-.500 performance of the bunch. That performance kept him slightly ahead of Stephanie Wright in the cellar, a spot she is now forced to sit in. But she’s already had her taste of success – she won last year’s title.

Click here to view a larger version of the staff picks spreadsheet.

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