Predictions against the spread for Nov. 18

Morgan Morel

Jim Betts, member of the ’69 Michigan team that upset No. 1 Ohio State, 24-12, takes his shot at the Daily football writers on the week of The Game.

Pickers finally back on track as Wright leads .500-or-above push.

Kevin Wright’s 13-9 mark was tops in a week where the Daily prognosticators all finally posted a mark of .500 or above.

With Jim Betts stepping up and doing the picks for the celebrities, their spot atop the season standings was in good hands after a solid 11-11 performance. With few games left in the season, the celebs look to have first place all but locked up with a comfortable eight-game lead.

Wright pulled away from a last-place tie with his counterpart, Stephanie Wright. But he’s just one game away from the cellar, as Stephanie posted a solid 12-10 mark of her own.

With the season nearing its culmination, Daily Sports is desperate. We’re looking for a celebrity to do our picks. But we don’t want just any celeb – we need a celebrity who would be horrible at Staff Picks.

If you have any suggestions or nominations, or think you yourself are worthy of the distinction and would do an absolutely horrible job, drop us an e-mail at sports@michigandaily.com. Or, if you’re not a big fan of e-mail, leave a suggestion at our blog.

It’s called “The Game,” and it can be found at michigandaily.com

Click here to see the staff picks as they appear in print

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