This week, Jason and Randy Sklar upgraded their cheap seats on ESPN Classic to the enclosed seating of The Michigan Daily staff picks.

Morgan Morel

Pickers continue to struggle.

Mediocrity is the new benchmark here at the Daily. Scott Bell topped the weekly standings with a .500 mark, but still trails the celebs by eight games.

Jason and Randy Sklar, co-hosts of ESPN Classic’s “Cheap Seats,” kept the celebrities on top with a respectable showing considering how the rest of the Daily football writers performed. Their pick of Wisconsin as their best bet was enough to put the celebs on top of that category, as well.

Bell would also like to let it be known that he’s accepting thank yous for picking against Michigan this week. During Michigan’s hot streak at the beginning of the year, he continually picked against Michigan. Then, the two weeks prior to this week’s game, he picked Michigan – and the Wolverines struggled. This week, he sacrificed a correct pick in the name of getting Michigan back on track for the Ohio State game.

Kevin Wright continues to pick California as his best bet and continues to look like a moron. Oh well, Kev, at least you keep getting your name in the paper.

The race for top spot among the Daily writers could still be anyone’s ball game. Matt Singer has been consistent enough to stay in the race, and may be ready to pounce on Bell this weekend.

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