Don’t call us lazy for bringing back our nation’s first president. We tried to get Patrick Stewart, but he claimed he didn’t know enough about American football.

Morgan Morel

Coin proves that writers pretty much suck at making picks, Bell & Singer save face.

Call it fate. Call it bad luck. Call it lack of prognosticating prowess. Whatever it is, celebrities continue to crush the football writers week in and week out.

This week was no different, as the writers decided to uphold the Daily tradition of having former President George Washington – in the form of a coin flip – make the picks. Unfortunately for the writers, nobody could beat the coin and its slightly-above-average result. Only Scott Bell and Matt Singer tied the coin, and Bell still hasn’t fallen below .500 in the overall standings this year.

Singer was the lone picker to get his best bet right, and would also like to let it be known that he flipped the coin for the celebrity picks.

Kevin Wright’s insistence on picking California every week for his best bet – whether they’re playing or not – is starting to fail him. The Golden Bears couldn’t beat host UCLA by more than 17 on Saturday.

The writers really wish Patrick Stewart had agreed to make the picks after this presidential beatdown. He was too busy conducting the band to take two minutes out of his schedule to make picks.

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