Engineering senior Jay Trzcinski, better known to football fans as “hot dog man,” uses his 15 minutes of fame to take his shot at Michigan Daily Staff Picks.

Morgan Morel

Celeb and Singer tie for top honors

Yet another strong showing from a celebrity prognosticator extended the celeb’s overall lead to an embarrassing nine games over the supposed experts.

Matt Singer came closest to dethroning the celebs this week. He took a risk taking Texas Tech, but the pick paid off, giving him a one-game lead over Stephanie Wright for the week.

Scott Bell started off the year strong, but he’s been slipping ever since. He picked Michigan State as his best bet for the second – and hopefully last – time this season. The Spartans didn’t even come close to covering the spread against Indiana.

Kevin Wright’s blind loyalty to California cost him this week. He picked the Golden Bears as his best bet even though they didn’t play.

Trzcinski’s strong week continued his recent string of success. He gained notoriety last week when his last-minute decision to buy and distribute hot dogs made him the toast of the student section – and got him kicked out of the stadium by eight ushers. Luckily for him, police told the ushers that they couldn’t arrest him for throwing hot dogs.

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