Predictions against the spread for Oct. 21

Morgan Morel

Former Michigan center and ’96 team MVP Rod Payne takes on the football writers. The Super Bowl Champion co-wrote a book, “Centered on a Miracle.”

Writers embarrass themselves as Wright wins with sub-.500 performance. Celebs still hold overall lead.

It wasn’t the best appearance for former Michigan center and team MVP Rod Payne. He picked just five games correctly. Scott Bell nearly matched Payne’s struggles, nailing just seven games on the week. Stephanie Wright and Matt Singer didn’t do much better, picking eight games a piece.

Kevin Wright was the only writer who won’t have to hang his head in shame. He came a game short of going above .500 with a respectable 10-11 week.

While he struggled with his picks this week, Payne did enjoy a Super Bowl win with the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 after three injury-plagued seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals.

After retiring from the NFL following his Super Bowl run with the Ravens, Payne now coaches a high school team in Florida.

The book “Centered on a Miracle,” which Payne co-authored, focuses on the story of former Daily writer Stephen Rom’s recovery from leukemia and Payne’s constant presence through the ordeal.

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