Men across Michigan’s campus took a shot to their pride
when Courtney Lewis not only won staff picks, but annihiliated her
male counterparts in the final month. J. Brady McCollough, despite
a valiant mid-bowl run, took up the rear. “Now wait just one
minizzle, we don’t get to pick against the Senior Bowls? I
was banking on those for my comeback,” McCollough said in
frustration. He took it much better than Kyle O’Neill, who
proceeded to paint his face black and white like that of the former
WCW’s Sting, pack up his things and walk into a blizzard
where he vanished into nothing. Jamie Morris was the complete
opposite of the younger generation and took his bowl loss in stride
— he does have that success at Michigan and all. Naweed
Sikora was found lying in a gutter humming the Southern Cal. War

Janna Hutz

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