Not only are the celebrities out of the red, they are ready to
contend for the title of staff picks. Thanks to Chris Ehman, who
turned in a 12-5 record, the celebrities are within five games of
leader Courtney Lewis going into the bowl season. Lewis backed up
her bulletin board material from last week with an 11-7 record to
keep the staff lead for another week.The surprising thing this
week, though, belonged to J. Brady McCollough. Left for dead in the
Joe Smith realm of terrible picking, McCollough came into this week
putting his trailer onto the backs of teams like Ohio, Boston
College and his best bet on the eternal choke artists in Michigan
State. Thirteen wins later, McCollough is now one game under .500
and in prime position to play the spoiler when Jan. 4, 2004, rolls

Kate Green

Not rising to the challenge has been Naweed Sikora and Kyle
O’Neill. Rising and falling together, the two aren’t
falling apart, but neither are making the picks they need to to
keep up with the 12- and 13-win weeks of their
rivals.O’Neill, however, sticks by his Jim Fassel-esque claim
from when he was in last: “Fear is for losers. Bowl season
will be mine.”

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