After an unexpected bye week from staff picks, it was quite
apparent who used their time off wisely: Courtney Lewis.

Kate Green

“I pretty much just laid around the house and focused on
the Kobe Bryant trial,” said Naweed Sikora, a former staff
picks leader.

“I’ll be honest, the bye week caught me off
guard,” said Kyle O’Neill, who turned in his second
five-win performance of the year. “I spent more time
complaining to the media about J. Brady McCollough breaking my
stride by calling for the week off … whatever, I’ll
bounce back.”

“I really don’t feel like dancing after this,”
said Damon “Disco” Talley. “Besides, beating
Sikora and O’Neill wasn’t that challenging. I mean,
I’m the guy who can make Yost cheer without cussing every
other word.”

“What? What do you want from me?” asked a dazed
McCollough. “I gave it my all, next question … no I am
not becoming the next Joe Smith … yeah, I called for the bye
week. They would have done the same to me. I’m ffffffreakin
pissed. Write that down. Make a lot of money off that. I’m a
fuggin soldier. Now get out of here before I go off.”

“I kick butt and I’ll do it again,” Lewis









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