5.  Jay Z, “Big Pimpin’ ”
When Jay sings “let’s RI-I-I-I-I-IDE,” it sounds
like “Sra-a-a-a-a-a.” Yet another sign that he loves

4.  Pink handkerchiefs — Take a look around:
The color of choice is pink, especially for men. Rose colored
shirts and metallic-pink ties are everywhere, be it on A-Rod or
Bill Clinton. A handkerchief adds the extra touch of style and in
pink provides just the right splash of color.

3.  Ywenz Studios — University alum Yang
Wen’s innovative productions of flyers, websites and videos
are accessible and affordable multimedia resources that capture
large events through the most creative of expressions.

2.  “Haley’s Hints” on PBS —
For the slightly obsessive compulsive, cleaning isn’t
just a chore, it is a daily necessity. Watching Graham Haley work
his magic by removing the most stuck-on stains is nothing short of
thrilling. Even more rewarding is following along with either
“Haley’s Hints” or “Haley’s Cleaning
Hints.” Grab one of the books, turn on PBS and you’ve
got yourself a fascinating Friday night.

1.  Shah Rukh Khan — The reigning king of
Bollywood films can make a girl weep before the opening credits
begin and can dance with impeccable grace even with an injured

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