Golf on TV is boring. More boring then televised baseball or women’s Division III basketball. It’s a fact. But one quartet is attempting to make a golf tournament not featuring Tiger Woods appear fun. This is the Murray clan.

Paul Wong
Funniest man alive. Period. Courtesy of Comedy Central

With “The Sweet Spot,” the four Murray brothers – Bill, John, Joel and Brian – create the MBGA, or Murray Brothers Golf Association. Traveling to Wisconsin, Jamaica, California and Florida, the “tour” features the actors (and former caddies) taking one bad shot after another, giving “helpful” tips to viewers at home and doing general odd stuff. Random shots of bikinied girls dancing brings to mind “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” while Bill Murray of course makes viewers harken back to “Caddyshack,” one of the all-time great comedies, sports-related or otherwise.

While Bill Murray does have the title of creative producer and brings in the star power, Joel and John are the co-creators and co-executive producers. Each Murray brother is allowed to let his oddball humor shine between mulligans and impersonations of Dorf.

In the style of “Happy Gilmore,” the brothers are trying to defeat the notion that golf is an elitist sport. It can be a good time for the amateur golfer with a handicap in double or triple digits. Thanks to Comedy Central, this innovative show has a spot (albeit a late timeslot) where the brothers can let their hijinx run the program.

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