You all heard it. The first time Ohio State fans attempted the “O-H-I-O” chant around the massive bowl of Michigan Stadium, it was drowned out in an onslaught of boos and hatred.

By the end of the fourth quarter — when it was apparent that the Wolverines would fall to their most hated rival for the sixth consecutive year — Michigan fans lacked the energy and passion to dam the flood of Buckeye joy.

“O-H-I-O” rang out in the Big House, over and over, for what seemed like half a century. The signs came out — scarlet-and-gray text reading “Rich Rodriguez, we love you!” and “2,191 days and counting” and “Another Buckeye Championship” — to taunt the Michigan faithful even more.

And following Tate Forcier’s fourth and final interception, the enormous Ohio State faction began to chant, “This is our house, this is our house.”

And, you know what? For that day, it was.

“It felt good,” Buckeye receiver Ray Small said. “Every time I’ve been here I’ve celebrated after the game. It felt kind of homey.

And the only people to blame for that are Michigan fans. Those who gave up on this season. Those who sold their tickets on StubHub or EBay. Those who had the audacity to sell their tickets to the greatest rivalry in sport to the opposing team’s fans.

You know what happens when a Michigan fan tries to scalp a ticket in Columbus? The seller looks you up and down, surveys your maize-and-blue attire and succinctly says, “Fuck you.” He turns around and tries to sell to someone else.

Buckeye fans apparently didn’t meet the same resistance Saturday.

I can’t count the number of Brutus the Buckeye dolls I saw or the number of times I heard that “Hang on Sloopy” song when I walked around the tailgating scene at Ann Arbor Pioneer.

But having that many Ohio State fans in Michigan Stadium is downright embarrassing.

The entire south end zone looked be red. Maybe the Buckeye fans’ attire just stood out that much, but the rest of the stadium seemed to be housing a lot of Buckeye fans, too. A member of the Athletic Department said it reminded him of the 1969 game in that aspect, with the sheer number of people making the trip up from Columbus.

And that’s pretty much the only way in which Saturday’s contest resembled the famous 1969 game.

When the Buckeyes trotted over to their fanbase in postgame celebration — a sight that’s become all too familiar after eight home losses in the last two years — they sang the fight song and swayed to the alma mater as if the game had been played in Ohio Stadium. It might as well have been.

I will give credit to the student section, which came out in full force, but the rest of the stadium was absolutely unacceptable.

I realize the team sucked this year, to put it bluntly. But this was Michigan-Ohio State, and it ended up being a pretty good game, despite five offensive turnovers.

To see that much red in Michigan Stadium was embarrassing, simple as that.

And if you sold your ticket this weekend, you were part of the problem.

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