I have a midterm in a class already next week, and sorry mom, but I have yet to study. Maybe it’s because I’m a Communication Studies major, but I haven’t exactly had a ton of practice with this whole exam thing.

Perhaps I could use Michigan athletics to help with “studying,” though. With so much going on around the world of Michigan sports, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything.

So here’s a test on the state of Michigan athletics to begin the year 2015, to see how well you can keep up with the changes. The answer key is at the bottom, and there can be more than one right answer.

But you won’t receive a grade if you get them all correct. You may reward yourself by going to Rick’s. And if you fail, you may still go to Rick’s.

1: MAAR is an acronym for…
A. … Michigan Alien Abduction Research, the newest concentration at the University for students.
B. … Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman, a freshman guard for the Michigan men’s basketball team, vying for starting time in Caris LeVert’s absence.
C. … Meerkat Attack and Assault Report, the only report completed by this year’s Congress.

2: After starting the season 2-5, the Michigan hockey team…
A. … Has won 12 of its last 14 games, now sitting alone at first in the Big Ten standings.
B. … Is the No. 1 offense in the country, having scored at least six goals in the last four games.
C. … Is on track to return to the NCAA Tournament after missing the last two years.

3: In the last week, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh…
A. … Played the piccolo with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.
B. … Picked up three commitments with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.
C. … Finally filled out the rest of his coaching staff with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

4: Awarded to the best college hockey player in the nation each season, the Hobey Baker Award…
A. … Has the most legendary name. Seriously, Hobey? There are probably seven guys in the world with that name still.
B. … Has been given to two players in Michigan program history, Brendan Morrison and Kevin Porter, both of whom carried their teams into the NCAA Tournament.
C. … Is poised to go to senior forward Zach Hyman, who is exceeding Porter’s scoring pace after bringing his season total to 16 goals and 19 assists in a series sweep of Wisconsin.

5: The number 19.5 is….
A. … The average age of the Michigan men’s basketball team, struggling with experience this season.
B. … The amount of time, in minutes, I have spent exercising this year.
C. … The over/under on the number of readers for this story.

6: John Beilein is…
A. … A mastermind of a basketball coach, nearly leading a team of inexperienced players to an upset of the No. 6 team in the country.
B. … Vigilant about the PSI of his balls.
C. … A coach who believes in his players so much that he played two walk-ons, Andrew Dakich and Sean Lonergan, even when his team trailed the Badgers.

7: Sitting at 12-6, the Michigan women’s basketball team…
A. … Still has a better record than the men’s team.
B. … Is on track to qualify for the NCAA Tournament, having beaten the likes of Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State.
C. … Plays two games at Crisler Center this week, where it has lost just once this season and is worth your attention.

8: Without LeVert, the Michigan men’s basketball team’s biggest offensive threat now…
A. … Scored fewer points on Saturday than the hockey team did goals this weekend.
B. … Is sophomore forward Zak Irvin, who is struggling to stay consistent, according to Beilein.
C. … Would be Jim Harbaugh, if he had a year of eligibility left, who said on College GameDay that he averaged 19.8 points per game in high school.

9: Wrestling in the heavyweight class, captain Adam Coon…
A. … Has pinned four of his last five opponents in the Big Ten conference as a sophomore.
B. … Might be the only man who could defeat Jim Harbaugh in a match, but would never get him to fall (Get it?).
C. … Is ranked No. 7 in the country according to InterMat Wrestling, suffering just his third loss of the season Friday to the No. 3 wrestler in his class.

10: Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson, having won two national championships in his 31 years at the helm, said Saturday after his team scored 13 goals over the weekend…
A. … “Right now in recent weeks, we’ve looked like the team we had in 1997. But we’ve got a long way to go. Right now it’s good.”
B. … “Bill Belichick doesn’t quite understand how funny he sounds when he uses the word balls so frequently.”
C. … “Jim Harbaugh averaged just 19.8 points per game? That’s cute.”

11: Athletic Director Jim Hackett…
A. … Hasn’t publicly spoken in nearly a month, a welcome change from statements and controversies involving the athletic director from the fall.
B. … Has to be smiling with the direction his department is heading.
C. … Is still celebrating the hiring of Jim Harbaugh.

ANSWERS: 1) B. But how awesome would it be if A were true? 2) A, B and C. 3) A, B and C with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. 4) B and C. But I’m still curious about A. 5) A. And unfortunately, B. 6) A and C. 7) A, B and C. You can watch the team play Illinois on Monday and Maryland on Thursday. 8) A and B. Irvin scored 12 points on Saturday, shooting 33 percent from beyond the arc. 9) A and C. Though B would also be accepted. 10) A. High praise from the man who recently won his 800th game earlier in January. 11) A, B and definitely C

Garno can be reached at ggarno@umich.edu or on Twitter: @G_Garno. He’ll see you at Rick’s.

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