Last week, Jay Harbaugh, the Michigan football team’s tight ends coach, made national news when a top recruit posted a handwritten letter from Harbaugh online. The letter outlined eight reasons — bolded below — that four-star tight end Chris Clark should commit to Michigan on National Signing Day on Wednesday.

Here at the Daily, we’re all about factual accuracy. With National Signing Day right around the corner, we wanted to make sure recruits really know what Michigan is all about. Below, the Daily breaks down some of Harbaugh’s listed reasons to come to Michigan.

1) We have used, know how to use and will use tight ends … a lot!

For starters, it’s good Jay knows how to use tight ends — after all, that’s the position he coaches. Frankly, it would behoove the Wolverines if they knew how to use all the positions on the football team. Last year, it seemed as if they struggled to properly utilize a number of players, including an athletic quarterback and an NFL-caliber wide receiver. Ideally, Michigan would know how to use all its best players, a lot.

2) You can wear No. 8 here! And 104,909-74,340 = 30,569 more people will see it every week if you come to the Big House.

First, a note to Russell Bellomy, who wore No. 8 for the Wolverines in 2014: You were thrust into some of the most difficult situations imaginable. Replacing Denard Robinson partway through a night game against Nebraska at Memorial Stadium in 2012? Tearing your ACL the following year? Making only one appearance as a junior for two quick series against Penn State? You never had a consistent chance to succeed here, and the letter from Jay unceremoniously indicated you were transferring. You deserve a stroke of good luck, wherever you go.

As for the attendance: Don’t sell yourself short, Jay. Michigan averaged 104,909 people in 2014 because there was no marquee home game and because there was dwindling fan support for the last administration. The Big House will be full next year — there are home games against Michigan State, Notre Dame and Ohio State, and there is genuine excitement surrounding the future of the program. Plus, student tickets cost a more reasonable amount next year.

3) We are close to Chicago/Indianapolis/Cleveland/Detroit/Madison/Milwaukee/Green Bay/Buffalo

Seriously, Cleveland?

Ann Arbor is decidedly not close to Piscataway or College Park, which is unfortunate, because those are locations of conference opponents.

4) We will have a QB… a good one!

See item No. 1. Michigan had a good quarterback in Devin Gardner, but there are only so many hits and protection breakdowns and coaching changes you can take before all that talent becomes what we saw last year out of him.

Will it be Shane Morris, Wilton Speight, Zach Gentry or Alex Malzone? My guess is Morris. And my other guess is he’ll be much improved from what we saw last year.

5) This is the best public school in America.

Cal would like a word. So would UCLA (the other school Clark is rumored to be strongly considering) and Virginia.

Look, Michigan is a great school, and there are tools here to succeed academically as well as athletically. One hundred percent of Brady Hoke’s seniors graduated, and that’s a standard that should continue.

As hockey coach Red Berenson recently told the Daily, “If you’re not interested in school, don’t come to Michigan.”

If you are prepared to play school, you’re in the right place.

6) We have the most wins … ever.

It helps that Michigan has been playing football since 1879. It also helps that the Wolverines went 165-29-1 under Fielding Yost in the early 1900s. His teams were so good that he won the inaugural Rose Bowl, 49-0. That game was so lopsided that Stanford asked the Wolverines to call it quits with eight minutes left.

Wins don’t come that easily anymore, not for anybody.

But 915 victories is a lot. It’s why Michigan fans can sing “The Victors” — about their team — before the game has even been played. Notre Dame leads in winning percentage, though, so there’s catching up to do there.

7) We have the biggest Adidas contract in the nation.

And you’ll get all that gear washed for free in the best laundry facilities in the world: A brand-new, $6-million laundry center near the field-hockey facilities!

8) This is a very special time at a very special place. That’s how legacies are cemented. We are both going to be a part of that! I promise you we will win and grow together.

No argument there.

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