1 “Tecmo Super Bowl” – Whether it was the corny music or the touchdown celebrations that consisted of emphatic high-fives, video games in the early ’90s began with Tecmo Super Bowl. Who will ever forget the eight-play playbook, the satisfaction
of having a kickoff travel so high that, for a moment, the football went higher than your 16-inch TV screen, or having your quarterback throw a ball 100 yards? We sure won’t, and that’s why Tecmo Super Bowl is our best of the best.

2 “NHL ’94” – The trailblazer for all hockey games that followed,
NHL ’94 had it all: year-end awards, really cheap video intros and full rosters for the first time. The awkward fight scenes are great, but the true gem may be the ability for skaters to skate right through opposing teams.

3 “Mario Kart” – Whether it’s the idea of setting it in the desert,
driving on a rainbow or the helplessness of being hit by a red shell before the jump in Wario Stadium, this game gave instant credibility to Nintendo 64. We don’t usually condone auto racing
as a sport, but using three mushrooms as a speed boost provides
a convincing argument.

4 “Madden ’94” – Thanks a lot, Madden ’94. You basically
deprived me of my childhood. Snow day? Why bother sledding when I can spend countless mind-numbing hours perfecting my game?
Beach with friends? Not when I could lead Brett Favre to his 18th consecutive Super Bowl MVP trophy.

5 “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” – Grinds, ollies, heel flips, pop-shove its – not exactly the most common names in the sports world, but they were to many youngsters when THPS arrived. From absurd locations to building-to-building jumps, the game gave children everywhere, not just emo kids, a chance to experience
the world of skateboardng.

6 NBA Jam – All it takes is three words: “He’s on fire.”
With a fiery ball scorching the net and players soaring above the rim, this arcade-style basketball game brought attitude
to the hardwood. Plus, you can’t beat the duo of Seattle Supersonics Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp.

7 “Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball” – Forget that not a single player looked anything like its real-life counterpart. This game was great to play with friends because of the ridiculous differences in pitch speeds. Nothing is better than striking out your friend on a 40 MPH change up.

8 “Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-one” – We can’t condone stereotypes,
but somehow Jordan vs. Bird made it work. The game centered
around a one-on-one match-up, but the real showstopper was the game’s other features: the dunk and 3-point-shooting contests. Only one character could compete in each event – Jordan in the dunk contest, and Bird in the 3-point-shooting one. Coincidence? We think not.

9 “Duckhunt” – As a child, holding up the gun long enough to shoot 10 rounds’ worth of ducks was a sport in itself. The only thing But I only wanted to shoot that dog that pointed and laughed whenever I missed. What an asshole.

10 “FIFA ’98: Road to the World Cup” – This was a game of stars, including all the best players in the world.
What it lacked in graphics, it made up for in how many goals were scored per game. Better yet, the opening montage
had Song Number 2 by The Blur (“Woo Hoo!”).

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