Williams picks up rst triple-double

CHICAGO (AP) – An hour before Saturday night’s game, Chicago Bulls coach Bill Cartwright called Jay Williams into his office and shut the door.

His rookie point guard had been struggling the last few games, worrying so much about creating shots for everyone else that he was forgetting the game that got him here.

“He said, ‘I just want you to play,'” Williams said.

He definitely got the message. In his best NBA game yet, the No. 2 pick of the draft had a triple-double and made a 3-pointer with 34 seconds left to seal the Chicago Bulls’ 100-93 victory over the New Jersey Nets.

“Lately it was hard. I was trying to be the team orchestrator,” said Williams, who got the game ball. ”(The talk) kind of took a big burden off my chest. I just went out and played.”

He finished with 26 points, 13 assists and 14 rebounds, Chicago’s first triple-double since Michael Jordan had one in April 1997. Jalen Rose also had 26 for the Bulls, who snapped a four-game losing streak.

Tax troubles plaguing ex-Giants manager

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Former San Francisco Giants manager Dusty Baker owes more than $1 million in back taxes and penalties due to some bad investments he made in the early 1980s.

Baker’s Oakland-based tax attorney, Karen Hawkins, told The Associated Press on Friday night that Baker invested in four tax shelters on the advice of his brother.

The tax writeoffs he received from the shelters were disallowed in 1981 and 1982. The tax liabilities are under $400,000, but with interest over the years what he owes has reached more than $1 million, she said without giving an exact figure.

Hawkins said the situation with the Internal Revenue Service would be resolved by the end of this year.

ESPN first reported Baker’s tax problems on Friday.

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