Who’s that cute little guy in the Speedo? It’s Domenico Nesci, the Italian Casanova who wooed Tila Tequila and won the hearts of couch potato females across the country on “A Shot at Love.” Domenico’s appeal – which won him his own love show “That’s Amore” – lies mostly in his childish enthusiasm and tendency to spout Borat-esque phrases like “I’m excited in the pubic area!” Now, Domenico finally gets his chance to find love. Maybe. But more than likely, he’s just shopping for a hookup before next season starts filming.

Julie Rowe

As per usual on a “reality” show like this where the drama seems as planned as the spaghetti-eating stunts, the girls bitch at each other and spout such malapropisms as, “You’re trying to seclude yourself from people.” Kim, an especially badass bambina (as Domenico calls the women, in his native language) asks Hunter why she doesn’t shave her vagina. “Why don’t you shave your mustache?” Hunter fires back. Oh, snap.

Unfortunately, the girls – most of whom, as one girl describes, really do resemble “Playmate rejects” – are too blond and homogeneous to be anything other than eye candy. Their attempts at creating rifts between each other come off as contrived, even for the vapidity of the current reality dating show. If you have to watch one of these things, watch “Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels” where at least the chicks are at their authentic worst, not their camera-ready best.

“That’s Amore”

Sundays at 10 p.m.


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