Executive producer Kim Kardashian was clearly trying to channel and combine “The Hills” with Donald Trump to make her first show, “The Spin Crowd,” an instant success. Unfortunately, the result is far from successful, due in no small part to star Jonathan Cheban, who has enough bad hair (Trump) and fake drama (“Hills”) to become the next villain that everyone loves to hate. If anyone could stand to watch him.

“The Spin Crowd”

Sundays at 10:30 p.m.

The show follows Cheban’s public relations firm in Hollywood while he constantly works to create and promote celebrity personas. The program tries to display Command PR as a thriving and successful business with a boss who knows all. Yet Vice President Simon Huck pokes fun at Cheban constantly and the ditzy girls who “work” for them just bicker about who is prettier. Instead of being amusing or qualified, Cheban looks like a crazed lunatic, and the girls are shallow and unaware of the real world.

The only reason this show is sometimes not the bore that all other copies of “The Hills” have been is the ridiculous and contradictory nature of Cheban himself. He’s so vain that he goes to a doctor for a fat-freezing treatment, while his hair looks like it got caught in a lawn mower. He tells everyone he’s a workaholic, but the only thing he’s seen doing is yelling at people and partying with bogus celebrities. Finally, he claims he hangs out with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, yet the only star he does business with in the first episode is C-lister Mario Lopez to promote a men’s tanning product. Lopez even points out the irony that he is of Mexican heritage and already has dark skin.

Worst of all, Cheban is outright offensive to his newest employee, Erika, and tells her she needs to get lip injections in order to look pretty. When Erika doesn’t get permanent lip injections, Cheban freaks out on her and tells her she’s ugly and that he’s upset to be working with someone so “homely.” This misogynistic act is not only outright evil, it perpetuates a false and harmful message of the importance of looks in having a successful career.

“The Spin Crowd” doesn’t give a worthwhile look into the world of PR. Cheban has made the careers of Paris Hilton and the Kardashians, but one would never know it from watching the show. Instead of focusing on the business, the show spends much of 30 minutes concentrating on Cheban’s odd requests and obsessive behaviors while everyone else laughs at him. If Cheban has what it takes to be successful in the world of PR, then it seems any woman-hater with bad hair could be a success.

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