With the influx of television shows making the leap to DVD in
the past few years, audiences across the nation seemed to bask in
anticipation of Comedy Central’s newest release “South Park: The
Complete Fourth Season.” After burning holes into the disks of
seasons one, two and three, the long-awaited season four could not
come fast enough. As expected, the television spectacle never seems
to disappoint in its episodes, yet the DVD’s special features
section leaves much to be desired considering the creator’s
potential for immortalized creativity.

While the special commentary with creators Trey Parker and Matt
Stone may retain interest for the first few episodes, the
voice-over soon becomes more frustrating than entertaining and
seldom contains truly fascinating content. The feature appeals to
die-hard Parker and Stone fans as the two discuss the show’s
obscure allusions to their previous work, such as the infamous
“Cannibal!, the Musical,” but the frequent chuckling fits and
unfinished thoughts may leave some viewers wondering.

The DVD’s only other claim to special feature stardom is a
segment of brief clips from other Comedy Central shows such as
“Chappelle Show” and “Reno 911.” However, this cheap ploy to gain
free advertising under the guise of keepsake entertainment seems
misguided and ill planned. Chappelle’s series reaches far greater
comedic heights than that of the “Love Contract” sketch, though
Comedy Central chose this brief bit to showcase rather than some of
the funnier, longer pieces.

Despite its extras’ shortcomings, the show is back and brilliant
in all its raunchy, outrageous glory. Season four seemed to tackle
some particularly sophisticated issues such as hate crime
legislation, the rising problem of obesity in America’s children,
immigration issues and pedophilia with moments of eloquence and
imaginative style, if not quite reaching the point of tactfulness.
Parker and Stone have not failed to deliver a first-class cartoon
with all the unchecked fervor and biting content of an HBO

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