Sound-Dust, Stereolab Elektra

Paul Wong
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British band Stereolab”s new album, Sound-Dust, is pure bliss for any listener who is a sucker for cover-art, European stuff and that relentless indie mantra of experimentation.

Reminiscent of fellow euro-artists Air or The Beta Band, the album teeters between cheerful electronica, melodic pop and elementary keyboardscapes. Funky breakdowns and standout percussion highlight Sound-Dust.

Basically, it”s Radiohead on prozac with a French chick singer.

The instant hook song on the record is the well-chosen first single, “Captain Easychord,” in which Seaya Sadier croons the simple koan “let live what must live/die what must die” followed by a string of incomprehensible French phrases.

Another track of interest is the hypnotic “Double Rocker” which fuses intertwining vocal tracks with a calm and sleepy melody then surges into an upbeat retro-tinged bridge.

Undoubtedly, Stereolab continues their innovative existence as a band on Sound-Dust, while providing feel good grooves for any slightly off-center listener.

Grade: A-

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