Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney and Thomas Lennon (a.k.a. “Reno 911!’s” Travis Junior, Trudy Wiegel and Jim Dangle) dropped by The Michigan Theater earlier this month to promote their film “Reno 911!: Miami,” in theaters tomorrow. The Michigan Daily caught up with the Reno characters for this interview.

Christina Choi
“Reno 911: Miami” will open tomorrow nationwide. (PETER SCHOTTENFELS/Daily)

The Michigan Daily: What’s the biggest difference between Reno and Miami? Were the people different?

Jim Dangle: Oh god, yes.

Trudy Wiegel: Yeah, they were hairless.

JD: They’ve obviously been working on their Stairmasters or something like that. You could break an egg off of the buttocks of most of the people we met down there.

Travis Junior: Beautiful people. Horrible on the inside, but the outside? Damn.

JD: Wonderful Brazilians, and for some reason, Germans. A lot of Germans down there. For some reason there were a lot.

TJ: And Germans with Brazilians.

TW: Mmhmm.

TJ: And I don’t mean couples. I mean waxed professionally.

TMD: If you guys got stranded, which one of your fellow cops would you eat first?

JD: I’m glad you asked that because I’ve been thinking about who I would eat on this squad for years.

TJ: What?

JD: You don’t think Jones looks delicious?

TW: Not in that way.

JD: You don’t think he looks delicious like a slow-roasted ham?

TJ: You’re saying that we should slow roast the guy.

JD: I’m not saying we should, but if we had to … I would use some parts of Jones and put it in banana leaves. Soak it in some lime.

TMD: Any songs in particular that you listen while in the car?

JD: I put a cassette of (country singer) Aaron Tippin in Car 9 about a decade ago, and it doesn’t come out. So if you’re in Car 9, you’re gonna be hearing “The Sky” pretty much all day.

TJ: Why is your Tippin cassette so sticky?

JD: Um, I’m not made of wood. I’m a human being. Some of my cassette tapes are sticky. A lot of things in my house are sticky. If I came to your houses and looked around .

TMD: Computer area possibly.

JD: Yeah. Computer, mouse. Fuck it. What if you’re sitting in front of the Dell and having some honey? Yeah, the Dell, you heard me. I’m not made of wood. Sometimes I’m covered in honey in the privacy of my living room. Is that a crime? I don’t think so.

TMD: Unless the windows are open.

JD: Well, that’s what the lady said also.

TMD: What other cities do you want to go to?

JD: I would like to go to Scotland, to see the Scottish lifestyle.

TW: You just want to wear a dress?

JD: Yes, I do, and I want to do a caber toss . It’s where you, well you’re in a dress, and you take an enormous log. And you and another fella see how hard you can throw your log across the yard. And I’m gonna be the first one to sign up to do it.

DJ: Do they do it for a Scottish Pride Day?

JD: You mean like rainbow pride?

TJ: Yeah.

JD: No, this is for regular Scottish people.

TW: Now I do kinda wanna go.

JD: See, men in dresses throwing logs at each other. I’ll toss off those Scottish guys in a second, flat. I will. You can quote me on that.

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