After an impressive victory sparked by a second-half charge against Oakland last week, the Michigan women’s soccer team looks finish off the regular season with a bang.

If the Wolverines win on the road today against Kentucky, they will end the season on a high-note with a two-game winning streak.

“Any time you win it gives you some momentum and confidence,” Michigan coach Debbie Rademacher said. “It’s going to be really important. With the injuries that we’ve had, coming off a win (heading into the Big Ten Tournament) is important emotionally and mentally.

Rademacher also noted the importance of facing opponents like Kentucky.

“Because they are a regional opponent outside our conference, it’s extremely important,” Rademacher said. “It looks good for our conference, and it helps situate us better in the NCAA Tournament.

“It’s going to be so competitive. The better the teams you play, the better experience you get. The games in the Big Ten Tournament are going to be tough, so it’s good to have a tough one before that.”

In addition to several minor injuries, defender Erika Kleinholz is recovering from a concussion, and forward Stephanie Chavez has a sprained ankle.

“We are going to have to use some different people,” Rademacher said. “That’s fine, because they’ll get some experience.”

Rademacher also noted that the team still has to improve in certain areas if it wants to be successful in the postseason. She said that the team has been preparing for Kentucky in much the same fashion that it will prepare for postseason play.

“The bulk of our focus is going to be our attacking schemes and also a lot of finishing,” said Radmacher, whose teams are 12-6 overall in the Big Ten Tournament.

Last year Michigan lost a close-fought battle at home. That loss gives the Wolverines additional motivation to play hard and bring home a victory.

The Wildcats come into the contest hoping to extend a two-game winning streak. They have a 9-7 record, and are 2-0 in games outside of conference play.

After the game, which starts tonight at 7:30 p.m., the Wolverines will come home for five days of practice before heading off to East Lansing for the Big Ten Tournament.

As of today, Michigan is in second place in the Big Ten.

Michigan’s seed in the Big Ten Tournament is yet to be determined because Purdue and Illinois play a make-up game on Sunday, If Purdue wins, then the Boilermakers will take the No. 2 seed from the Wolverines.

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