The Spill Canvas’s frontman Nick Thomas doesn’t care about “pleasing all those little pricks and all those little scenes.” While it’s always been popular for up-and-coming rock outfits to be somewhat confrontational, most bands try to avoid deliberately trashing their fans. But Thomas is following the example of emo bands Say Anything and Brand New, who pioneered the trend of mocking their underage scenester crowds that flock to their sold-out shows.

But with The Spill Canvas’s latest offering, No Really, I’m Fine, we have to ask: What the hell is Thomas whining about? Even the album’s title caters to the pseudo-depressed subculture of 21st-century emo. The album’s predictable power-pop tunes contrast the band’s earlier acoustic feel. Rather than develop its previous sound, The Spill Canvas puts out yet another faux-forlorn release.

Closing the album with a predictable ballad (“Lullaby”), you wonder if the band is biting the hand that feeds it. While Thomas and company may be unhappy with the scene’s current direction, their most recent release fails to differentiate them from emo contemporaries.

The Spill Canvas

No Really, I’m Fine

One Eleven

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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