I have often observed one topic where all remnants of progressive speech and ideals go flying out of the proverbial window. In a class I had last semester, I noticed that despite all the dialogues on social justice and racial conflicts we had, once we discussed interracial dating, the pretenses came down and the truth came out. Save the disabled, or the poor or even become a gay ally, but don’t date a white girl or anyone outside your race. From that day to now I wonder what polarizes people about this topic. What about interracial dating is so taboo and incendiary even in 2003?

Zac Peskowitz

Miscegenation, interracial dating, cohabitation, mulatto baby-making, bystanders hating, ethnic denigration. Besides rhyming, these words have something else in common, they are certain to start an interesting conversation.

As a caveat, I must make clear that I am not referring to hook-ups and happy time in which people engage, quell their curiosity and latent desires or people who date exclusively interracially because it’s cool or they can meet football players, but true meaningful relationships in which one person is committed to another. My one female “friend” (a whole other column …) told me a big part of the appeal was the “don’t tell daddy” factor in which people engage in interracial relationships because it is risqu

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